Parts for industrial equipment

Metal parts
for industrial equipment

PRAZI-PARTS’ long-standing experience guarantees the fast and high-quality production of spirals, augers, drums and rotors for use in various types of industrial equipment in oil mills, agricultural companies, breeding farms, chemical, pharmaceutical and milling industries, and environmental waste and wastewater treatment plants.

Our company produces rotating components, even in custom configurations, or mass produced in large series, characterised by excellent value for money.

Our products are ideal for processing raw materials and semi-finished, solid, liquid, wet, dry, granular, powdery, and compact products, and also for foodstuffs, abrasives and corrosives. 

Products for industrial equipment

Industrial equipment

Our production

Our company looks after all stages of the production process, from the analysis of the client’s technical needs and specifications, to the engineering of the product and development of the first sample, the pre-series moulding and finally large-scale productionPRAZI-PARTS also has a large warehouse which is always fully stocked with standard sized spirals, augers and rotors available for immediate delivery.


Fields of application

Our OEM parts are ideal for a broad range of applications:


Why choose PRAZI-PARTS

Many leading companies have chosen PRAZI-PARTS as a partner for the production of high-quality spirals, augers and other rotating components, even in custom configurations. Thanks to the company’s high flexibility and new production plant in Ostiglia (MN), PRAZI-PARTS is able to manage large orders in minimal time, guaranteeing high quality and competitive prices.