Tubular screw conveyors for agricultural vehicles and industrial equipment

Tubular screw conveyors

Tubular screw conveyors for loading and extracting, allow fast and efficient handling of cereals, fodder and powdery and granular agricultural or industrial products. They facilitate unloading and loading operations, even forced, of silos and vertical dryers. Request a quote »

Augers for agricultural vehicles and industrial equipment

Screw conveyors and trough screw conveyors

These products are ideal for handling bulky materials in large quantities, which tend to create obstructions, such as wet materials, sludge and fodder, requiring little maintenance and minimal installation space. Request a quote »

Materials and finishes

Available in a broad range of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant steel, iron, other materials or finishes available on request (e.g. resistance to high temperatures or high internal pressure).

Custom options

Available in any diameter with maximum possibility for customisation of the capacity, type of spiral, horizontal, vertical or inclined transport, motorisation, any supports, flanges and adjustable inlet, and packaging.

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