Certified quality

UNI EN ISO 9001:15 certification

Prazi-Parts operates in accordance with an organisational system that satisfies the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 9001:15, which is based on raising employee awareness and the use of leading-edge measuring instruments.

The production chain begins with the selection of suppliers, constantly monitored through regular audits, and subsequent inspection of the raw materials when the goods are received.

Moreover, quality is achieved through the planning and optimisation of production processes, monitored by ERP systems and other monitoring tools such as Q-Tools or FMEA. The entire production process is monitored, described and protocolled by means of work documents and is constantly checked.

A certified management system ensures the company’s constant improvement and ability to provide an increasingly professional and reliable response to its clients’ production needs.


Kiwa Accredia

Thanks to its UNI EN ISO 9001:15 Quality Certification, PRAZI-PARTS has also implemented a company improvement process with the aim of:

  • providing services that satisfy Client requirements and applicable regulations;
  • ensuring the continuous and measurable improvement of company performance, especially in processes that directly affect the quality of the service;
  • supporting and motivating staff in promoting the quality of service, also through the analysis of internal and external complaints and proposals for improvement;
  • improving its economic and financial performance.