About us

PRAZI-PARTS is part of the Prazi Group, an international group made up of 6 European companies specialised in the production of metal parts for various fields of application.

The main aim of the Group and of PRAZI-PARTS has forever been the continuous development of its skills and constant expansion of its production activities, with the primary objective of fully satisfying the Client, always at the centre of our business.

PRAZI-PARTS, thanks to its long-standing experience and collaboration with thousands of Clients on just as many projects, is an efficient and reliable partner, able to satisfy the production needs of small and large manufacturers of agricultural machinery, as well as industrial companies in the agrifood, chemical-pharmaceutical, extraction, mining, and environmental sectors, working alongside clients to develop custom rotating components offering excellent value for money.

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Prazi Staff


Over the years, technological research has allowed the company to achieve a very high level of production quality thanks to the use of robots for spiral welding on pipe, the computerised balancing of auger axes, and the construction of machinery for the production of thick continuous spirals.

Moreover, the company’s quality certification ensures production processes of the highest level.

New production plant

A growing company

In 2020, PRAZI-PARTS began the production of spirals, augers and other rotating components in Italy, thanks to the Group’s acquisition of Tecnofer srl, an historical company from Ostiglia. This important merger allowed PRAZI-PARTS to promptly respond to the needs of Italian companies, for both the series production of OEM parts for agricultural machinery and custom projects for industrial equipment.


Why choose PRAZI-PARTS

Many important companies have chosen PRAZI-PARTS as their partner for the production of high-quality spirals, augers and other rotating components, even in custom configurations. In each production process, PRAZI-PARTS protects the Client’s designs and intellectual property, developing only the components authorised by the Manufacturer further to an agreement. The company, in fact, does not produce spare parts for agricultural machinery.